Artist Statement

This collection of photographs emphasize the elements of design as perceived throughout the streets of Savannah, GA.. Over the summer I spent a good amount of time in Savannah, mostly walking the streets at night until the early morning hours, and everywhere I went I saw these elements creating a new view of our world through the intervention of man and nature. As artist we know that these various elements can have just as much impact on a piece of art as does the content being portrayed. Not only do these elements have this effect in our art but they also impact our own perception of our surrounding environment. My intention was to isolate such elements into compositions emphasizing their impact on this perception in various scopes. All around me as I walked the streets and alleyways I was constantly stumbling upon compositions and throughout them I began to really see the vitality in these elements that began to shine through, developing into the focus of my composition. Subtle touches, such as thin strips of palm leaves resting on the bricks of a city square, alter the view of the world that was meant to be into the ever changing view juxtaposed by man and nature and the byproducts of their existence.

Being that this body of work is focusing on elements that all artist and art students employ I dedicate this work to them and their impact on our own environment and our universe (Most importantly to Ceramics Artist and GCCC Professor Tammy Marinuzzi who made all of this possible).

Through these elements we provoke our art, and through our art we provoke our universe…